Lummi Contest Stats 09.21.18 NB 40 Lummi 34

Neah Bay 40 Lummi 34

Bud Denney

1st Qtr
Justin Mahle from Caleb Revey 23 yards; Pass Fails 10:07 0 – 6
Nathan Kiely from Caleb Revey 26 yards; Pass Fails 5:27 0 – 12

Jay Brunk returns ensuing Kick Off 71 yards to Lummi’s 9-yard line
Billy Parkin, III from Josey Tyree 9 yards; Pass Fails 4:11 6 – 12

Total Offense
Neah Bay 3 yards Lummi’s 111

2nd Qtr
Jay Brunk 52 yard fumble recovery; Keith Johnson from Josey Tyree 9:52 14 – 12
Jay Brunk’s KO goes 27 yards, Nathan Kiely picks it up, hit hard immediately, Alan Tyler recovers the fumble and advances it 6 yards to the Lummi 27
Billy Parkin, III gains 21 yards, Lummi penalty moves the ball to the 3
Josey Tyree 3 yard run; Pass fails 9:00 20 – 12
Caleb Revey 5 yard run; Miguel Ortez from Caleb Revey 7:26 20 – 20
Lummi 54 yard TD pass nullified by a penalty; ineligible player down field 3:39
Crayton Williams recovers Neah Bay fumble on the Lummi 10 0:40
Halftime Offense
NB Rush 64 Pass 25 Lummi Rush 42 Pass 177

3rd Qtr

Neah Bay receives 2nd half Kick Off, drives 9 plays from their own 33
Josey Tyree 2 yard run; Bad snap on PAT fails 8:35 26 – 20
Billy Parkin, III recovers 12 yards KO, Neah Bay starts their 2nd drive at the Lummi 47; Drive goes for 10 plays
Jay Brunk from Josey Tyree 19 yards; Keith Johnson from Josey Tyree 4:45 34 – 20
KO only goes for 8 yards, Lummi’s 1st 2nd half possession 4:45 left in the third
Drive ends with an incomplete pass on 4th and 16 from the Lummi 46
Isiah Williams recovers Neah Bay fumble on the Neah Bay 36; next play Jaie Leighton from Caleb Revey 36 yards; QB sacked on PAT fails 2:33 34 – 26
Total Off after 3
NB 125 rush 47 pass Lummi 27 Rush 212 Pass

4th Qtr
Neah Bay turns the ball over on downs 4th & 17 fake punt; pass falls incomplete Lummi takes over on Neah Bay 43
Josey Tyree intercepts Revey pass, Neah Bay’s ball on their own 10-yard line 11:28
Penalty backs the ball to the 5; lose 2 yards on next play

Safety Lummi 9:46 34 – 28; Jay Brunk gets his best KO of the game for 45 yards
Six plays later
Caleb Revey 27 yard run; Run fails (Tackled by Billy and Josey at the 2-yard line) 8:04 34 – 34

After ensuing KO, Neah Bay drives seven plays, helped by a 10-yard catch, Billy from Josey on 3rd & 12, plus a 15 yard Lummi penalty to get the 1st down
Josey 2 yard run; run fails 5:47 40 -34

David Chambers sacks Revey for a 9-yard loss on the first play after the KO. Lummi’s wide open receiver on 4th & 7, the ball dropped. NB ball on own 35 3:55 to go. Next play Josey recovers his own fumble. His long run nullified by a holding penalty. Two delays of game penalties back Neah Bay to their own 45, Josey gains 2 yards on 4th & 20.
Lummi ball, 0:40 from own 43. Jay knocks down a pass attempt. Jaie Leighton gains 8 yds, as he’s tackled flips ball up, Billy grabs attempted lateral. Neah Bay takes a knee twice to seal the win.img_5332